In a nutshell…

self portrait of Giulia Jones

My creative journey started as soon as I was able to pick up a pencil. Sketching, painting and reproducing what was around me was so fascinating that I had to explore it in more depth by attending art school.

There I learned not only the beauty of an artists expression but also the funtionality of great design. After graduation I realized that I needed to adapt to the growing technical approach to art that did not include a paint brush. With a little self teaching and a lot of great instruction, I powered through a graphic design certification while working full time at an intensely busy printing company. Here is where I gained expertise in file management and print production for both digital and offset printing with tight deadlines.

On several ocassions, I got the opportunity to create printed materials from concept to completion including logos, brochures, letteheads and business cards. I really enjoyed interacting with the clients to address their needs and develop right solutions for them. This ignited me to pursue a more creative design role at a wholesale giftware company.

While working as a member of a dynamic marketing department, I became knowledgable about the journey of how a product gets developed to the time it becomes available in retail stores. Through this process, I learned about branding, customer relationships and became responsible for producing both print and online marketing collateral for home decor, giftware and tabletop products.

The maintenance of the company website was a significant part of my role in addition to designing for print. This inspired me to immerse myself with learning how to design for the web. After successfully completing an intensive webmaster program, I gained the confidence to become a fully interactive designer.

This is where I am, this is where I belong and this is one hell of a nutshell!